What is UU Point?

UU point belongs to our customer rewarding system, and it is your credit on this website. After you finish your order, you will earn some UU points, which could cash in during the checkout of your next purchase (1 UU point = 1 CZK, or 21 UU points roughly equal to 1 USD).

You are welcome to give a review to the product you have purchased on our website. You will get 10 UU points as reward for submitting a review.

Should I register on the website to make an order?

Yes.  You should register on the website before placing an order.  Thus you can track the status and delivery details of your order in the ‘My Account’ page. What’s more, you will earn some UU points after finishing the order, and those UU points will be recorded in your account as well.

If you are new customer, you will have the chance to input your user name and password to create new account on the checkout page. You can always log in or register on the My Account page.

Do you resell third-party designed products?

Yes we do, but not much. We only resell the products that are well designed and with good quality.  The products designed and manufactured by UUGear are placed in the “UUGear” product category, while other products are designed and produced by the third parties.

Do your listing prices include tax?

Our listing prices do not include tax.

We are VAT registered since November 1st, 2017. If your order is placed after that day, and your shipping address is in EU country, we will add VAT (value added tax) into your order. You may be eligible for VAT exempt if you have a valid VAT number (please see next question).

It will be your responsibility to pay any fees charged by your local customs or courier, should they be incurred.

I’m VAT registered in the EU, can I place an order without VAT applied?

Yes. Please register an account on our website and contact us with your VAT number, so we could flag your account as VAT exempt. You need to do this before your order is placed and paid, since adding VAT ID into your account only takes effect on orders in the future. We can not return you the VAT included in your previous orders, and you will have to claim back your VAT via your VAT return.

For customers in Czech Republic, we couldn’t exempt your VAT even if you have a valid VAT number. However you could reclaim this VAT during your next tax return.

When and how will I receive the invoice?

After your order is shipped, you will receive the invoice by email in a few minutes (please make sure to check your spam folder as well), which contains the detailed information of your order. If you don’t receive any email from us after 24 hours, or you think you used the wrong email address, please contact us.

What does “processing” order mean?

“Processing” means your order is confirmed and waiting for delivery.

Provided your products are in stock and we are not experiencing unusually high order volumes, the package will be sent within 48 hours except for weekends.

However, if you purchased an item that is on “BACK ORDER”, your order will be held until that item has arrived in stock.  BACK ORDERS usually take no longer than 3 weeks, if without specific comment.

Where will you ship the products from?

We will ship from Prague, Czech Republic.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping cost depends on the shipping method you choose.

You can see the shipping rate during the checkout, before submitting your order.

When will I receive my package?

The answer for this question depends on the shipping method you chose.

International Post

If you choose the “International Post” shipping method, your order will be shipped via post office and it usually takes 1~4 weeks. This is just an estimation, and it could be faster or slower depending on the actual situation. In case your package is shipped on Friday, it could be delayed for 1~2 days. Once your parcel is shipped, you will receive an email that contains the tracking number, which allows you to trace it online. The tracking link in the email from us is provided by Czech post office, which usually shows only the trace within Czech Republic. However, you can input the same tracking number in the website of your local post office to continue tracking it within your country. Or you can use third-party tracking system to pull data from both post offices of original and destination countries, such as 17track.

Remarks: packages sent to the United Kingdom (UK) will not be traceable once they leave the territory of Czech Republic.

Remarks: in most countries, post office does not delivery package to door, instead they send you a notification to pick up the package. If you do not receive any notification from local post office after 3 weeks, please contact your local post office and tell them your package tracking number (included in our email), they should be able to find your package. If your package was deposited in local post office for too long, it might be returned.

Fedex International Priority/Economy

If you choose Fedex as shipping carrier, Fedex Priority usually takes 1~2 working days, while Fedex Economy usually takes 4~6 working days.

Lost package?

If you choose “International Post” shipping method, we do not consider a package lost until 45 days since the shipping.  If there is no more update in tracking records after 45 days since the shipping, we can resend  your package or refund you the order. Please notice that we do not refund or resend packages that did not arrive because they were not picked up in time or sent back to us and lost in transit or have the incorrect address.

If you choose Fedex shipping method, it is very easy to find out whether the parcel is lost. In case of parcel lost, we can refund you or resend you the parcel.

Received wrong item or package missing items?

We take our shipping very seriously.  If you have received a package that is incorrect or incomplete, you have to follow the steps below within 48 hours of receiving the package:

  1. DO NOT throw away any of the packaging or product materials. Keep the package as it was when you received it.
  2. Weigh your package with it’s contents inside. A kitchen scale that accurate to 5g can be used.
  3. Take photos for the package and it’s contents. The photo should have the products, parcel and packing materials shown clearly.
  4. Contact us  and provide the following information:
    Order ID
    Package weight
    Problem with order
    Photos as required above

Please notice that, failure to follow the procedures above will lead to a rejection of the claim.  Package that has been crushed, damaged or has been left open, possibly allowing contents to fall out will not be accepted.

Want to change the order after payment?

In case you wish to make some changes to your order after making the payment.  You could contact us with the order details, when the order is still under “processing” state.  We do not accept the change requests that are not received or read before the package has been dispatched.

Returns & refunds

We can only accept returns of item with unopened package. Please make sure to contact us FIRST, to ask for the address to return the product.  This has to be done within 30 days of the purchase and the product must be in new condition with original packaging and all included accessories. We do not accept crash damaged parts that have been modified.  Returning product without contacting us beforehand will not be accepted, and no refund will be made in such case. Return shipment is the responsibility of the customer, and we do not refund shipping costs.