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New Product MOSWITCH-SPDT and Black Friday 20% Off

Ladies and gentlemen, today we have two good news to announce :0)


MOSWITCH-SPDT is a single pole double throw (SPDT) switch implemented with MOSFETs, and it has very small footprint (2cm x 2cm).

It works like a relay, but it is quiet, has higher switching speed and longer life cycle.

The control signal and the main power rails is isolated by an optical coupler on the board. It is very easy and safe to use low voltage signal (e.g. 3.3V or 5V) to control higher voltage (up to 28V) and higher current (up to 9A for resistive load) circuit.

Retail price is 120 CZK (about 4.70 EUR / 4.05GBP / 5.20USD). Now you can find it in our e-shop.
Like other products in our e-shop, you can get 20% discount during the Black Friday event (from 29th November to 3rd December).

Black Friday 5 Days Event

From 2019.11.29 0:00 CET to 2019.12.03 23:59 CET, you can use coupon code blackfriday2019 to apply 20% discount to your cart. Enjoy shopping!

This coupon could be used by normal customer accounts (including newly registered account). However reseller account could not use it.

New Product: RasPiKey eMMC Module for Raspberry Pi

Our new product RasPiKey is released today!

RasPiKey is a 16GB eMMC module designed for Raspberry Pi. It can be inserted into the micro SD card slot on Raspberry Pi and work as a faster (especially 4k read/write) and more endurable SD card.

On Raspberry Pi 3B+, RasPiKey shows much better performance than SD cards (using the benchmark introduced in Jeff Geerling’s blog):

Benchmarks on Raspberry Pi 3B+

Benchmarks on Raspberry Pi 3B+

RasPiKey can also be used on Raspberry Pi 4B, however you will need to update your Pi4’s bootloader first. At the time being, RasPiKey gets limited support by Raspberry Pi 4B and doesn’t get speed boost like those good SD cards, its performance on 4B is not that outstanding, however it still has better 4k read/write speed than SD cards.
Updated on 2020.12: Now with the latest official firmware, Raspberry Pi 4B supports DDR52 timing mode, which boosts the performance of RasPiKey, and make RasPiKey faster than SD cards on Raspberry Pi 4B.

Plug and Play

RasPiKey has Raspbian preinstalled, and also provides some tools to make setting Wi-Fi connection and enabling SSH login much easier. It is possible that you insert RasPiKey into your new Raspberry Pi, power it on and then use it via SSH session on your computer. You can enjoy your Raspberry Pi without having another set of display, keyboard and mouse.

Price and Where to Buy?

RasPiKey’s retail price is 520 CZK (about 20.37EUR / 17.53GBP / 22.55USD).
You can order it from our e-shop or you may be able to order it from our resellers soon.

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