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Vivid Unit: a Versatile Single-Board Computer with Touchscreen

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Vivid Unit is a versatile single-board computer with 5.5′ touchscreen.

60 in stock (more can be backordered)


Vivid Unit is a powerful and versatile single-board computer that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Vivid Unit features RK3399 CPU with 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage. It is a palm-sized device with 5.5″ touch screen, speaker, microphone, WiFi/Bluetooth and various interfaces. It can be powered with DC 5V (via USB-C) or Ethernet cable (DC 48V via PoE).


  1. Speaker
  2. Microphone (on the back)
  3. USB 3 Connector 1
  4. USB 3 Connector 2
  5. Headphone Jack
  6. Microphone
  7. USB 2 Pin Header 1
  8. USB 2 Pin Header 2
  9. ADC Pin Header
  10. HDMI Connector
  11. MIPI CSI Camera Connector
  12. 40-Pin GPIO Header
  13. Power Button Connector
  1. Volume- Button Connector
  2. Volume+ Button Connector
  3. Volume+ Button
  4. Volume- Button
  5. RJ45 Ethernet Connector
  6. Power Button
  7. Power Indicator (Red LED)
  8. Activity Indicator (Green LED)
  9. USB Type C Conncetor
  10. USB Route Switch (for internal testing only)
  11. MASKROM Button
  12. M.2 NVME Connector
  13. RTC 3V Battery Connector

Vivid Unit can be used for a variety of projects, such as:

  • Smart home automation: Vivid Unit can be used to control lights, temperature, and other home appliances using various sensors and input devices.
  • Robotics: Vivid Unit’s GPIO and camera interface make it ideal for use in robotics projects, such as autonomous cars or robotic arms.
  • Industrial control systems: Vivid Unit is ideal for use in industrial control systems, and it can be mounted like a screen for the whole system, which the users can interact with.
  • Portable computing: Vivid Unit’s compact size and touch screen interface make it perfect for use as a portable computing device, such as a tablet or mini laptop.
  • Retro gaming: Vivid Unit’s high resolution screen, compact size and onboard speaker make it a perfect hardware as retro gaming console.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a student, or a professional, Vivid Unit offers a powerful and flexible platform for your computing needs.

Package Content:

Each Vivid Unit package contains a fully assemblied device, which composed of:

  • Vivid Unit PCB x 1
  • Brace x 2
  • Touchscreen x 1
  • M3 screws x 4
  • M3 standoff x 4

Remarks: you don’t need to assemble anything, the device can be used out of box.

Technical Specification:

  • Processor and Memory
    • ARM CPU: RK3399 (Cortex-A72 Dual-core + Cortex-A53 Quad-core)
    • GPU: Mali-T860MP4
    • RAM: 4GB LPDDR4
    • Storage: 32GB eMMC
  • Connectivity
    • Ethernet x1 (RJ45 connector)
    • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)
    • Bluetooth 4.1 (BLE)
  • Display and Touchscreen
    • Display: 5.5 inches, 1280×720 resolution
    • Touchscreen: Capacitive multi-touch
  • GPIO
    • 40-pin header with Raspberry Pi compatible pinout
    • SPI x 1
    • I2C x 2
    • UART x 1
    • SDIO x 1
  • USB Ports
    • USB 3.1 Gen1 x 2 (each has 5 Gbps bandwidth)
    • USB 2.0 x 2 (as pin headers)
    • USB type-C x1 (for power and flashing OS)
  • Audio
    • Microphone: Stereo microphone array
    • Speaker: Built-in speaker
    • Headphone jack: 3.5mm
  • Camera Interface
    • MIPI CSI x 1
  • Additional Interfaces
    • NVMe M.2 interface x 1
    • 10-bit ADC channels x 3 (via 4-pin header)
  • Power Supply
    • DC 5V (via USB type-C cable)
    • POE (DC 48V via RJ45 connector)
  • Power Consumption (5V)
    • Quiescent current (newly powered, or stay for a while after shutdown): < 15mA
    • Idle current (after boot up and display desktop): ~ 0.6A
    • Normal usage (e.g. watching Youtube fullscreen): 0.8 ~ 1.3A
    • Fully loaded (stress test with “s-tui” command): ~ 1.6A
  • Buttons
    • Power button x 1
    • Volume button x 2
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Dimensions: 146mm x 78.2mm x 19mm
    • Weight: 175g


Open Source Hardware and Software

Vivid Unit is an open source product: its hardware and software are all open-sourced.

More information about Vivid Unit can be found on its dedicated, wiki-powered website:

Vivid Unit wiki website

There you can find Vivid Unit’s documentation, schematic, mechanical drawings, 3D models, software source code… and much more.

Project / Review:

Peter from Tech Explorations used Vivid Unit in his Flight Data Logger project, and he also made a video review for it.

Vivid Unit + Arduino MKR1010 Flight data logger

Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 3 cm

9 reviews for Vivid Unit: a Versatile Single-Board Computer with Touchscreen

  1. Oliver Bennett

    Vivid unit is amazing! I have been searching for such a device for years, and it ticks all the boxes. The hardware quality is high and the software is intuitive, open source too!

  2. Benjamin Murphy

    Very well designed product. I have an ongoing smart home project and this little device is a perfect fit.

  3. Lila Reynolds

    This little adorable hardware is totally beyond my expectation: it has everything, no extension board is needed! Its native NVME interface is really a big plus.

  4. Dexter Rivera

    A fantastic SBC with screen, eMMC, PoE, M.2 connector all in one! It is worth every penny.

  5. johnathon

    Really beyond my expectations, love it!

  6. tampaflorida083

    I like the vivid unit computer, though one might think that the cpu is too old I could even play drm material (netflix, disney+, paramount+) using widevine on it.
    A great device, for smart home , too, of course, as it has an onboard display one can use as a command center, for example.

  7. tampaflorida083

    my rating, I forgot it… is five stars

  8. Ethan999

    As an RK3399 with top configuration (4G RAM and eMMC), it performs much better than my Raspberry Pi 4B when playing 4K videos on YouTube. Built-in speaker is convenient too: the unit is always ready to play something, no need to connect external screen and headset etc.

  9. emily97

    Adorable machine that plays spotify all day for me!

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