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MOSWITCH-SPDT: 9A / 28V Single Pole Double Throw MOSFET Switch


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MOSWITCH-SPDT is a single pole double throw (SPDT) switch implemented with MOSFETs, and it has very small footprint (2cm x 2cm).

The diagram below shows the equivalent model of this product:

The control signal (CTRL) and main power rails have common ground and this product can connect the positive pole of V-IN to either OUT-A (default) or OUT-B (when CTRL is HIGH). It works like a relay, but is quiet, has higher switching speed and longer life cycle.

An optical coupler is used on the board to isolate the control signal and the main power rails. It is very easy and safe to use low voltage signal (e.g. 3.3V or 5V) to control higher voltage (up to 28V) and higher current (up to 9A for resistive load) circuit.



20mm x 20mm x 3.7mm




AO4805 (datasheet)


Blue LED for OUT-A (channel A)
Red LED for OUT-B (channel B)

Input Voltage

DC 3~28V

CTRL Signal Range

0~28V (voltage > ~2.5V is considered HIGH)

Output Current

Up to 9A (for resistive load, see remarks below)

Channel Resistance

15mΩ@20V, 18mΩ@10V, 24mΩ@5V, 70mΩ@3V

Quiescent Current

0.3mA@3V, 0.7mA@5V, 1.5mA@9V, 2.1mA@12V, 5.4mA@24V, 6.6mA@28V

The quiescent current is mainly consumed by the LEDs.

Switching Speed

OUT-A turns on: 52µs (40µs delay + 12µs rise)

OUT-A turns off: 22µs (4µs delay + 18µs fall)

OUT-B turns on: 16µs (7us delay + 9µs rise)

OUT-B turns off: 91µs (49µs delay + 32µs fall)

Operating Temperature

-30~80 (-22F~176F)

Storage Temperature

-40~85 (-40F~185F)


0~80%RH, no condensing

Remarks: NEVER do the wiring when power supply is connected, otherwise the spike could damage the device. The specification of MOSWITCH-SPDT is measured when it is reliably connected. If you manually connect/disconnect the power supply with load connected to the device, it could get damaged even the voltage or current is way lower than the specification.

What is in the Package?

Each MOSWITCH-SPDT package contains:

  • MOSWITCH-SPDT board x 1
  • 5-pin header x 2

User Manual

More details about this product can be found in its user manual.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 cm


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