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Zero2Go Omini Rev2 is Here!

Zero2Go Omini Rev2 is released today! This is the second revision of Zero2Go Omini and it looks very similar with the first revision. Because the connectors, switch and LED are at the same locations, the new revision and old revision are almost physically interchangeable (except the USB type C connector).

Zero2Go Omini Rev1 and Rev2

What’s New?

One obvious change is that Zero2Go Omini Rev2 uses USB type C connector instead of micro USB connector. USB type C connector is easier for connection and can bear higher current.

You may also notice that newer revision has an unpopulated 3-pin header on the left ledge of the board. It is the VIN-GND-VOUT header which allows you to:

  • Add additional channel(s) to the board (using VIN and GND)
    Additional channel
  • Using Zero2Go Omini to control other devices (using VOUT and GND), for example a 5V relay.

More details about this VIN-GND-VOUT header can be found in the user manual.

The new revision uses the same firmware and software like the old revision.

Price and Where to Buy?

Zero2Go Omini Rev2 has the same price as the first revision, which is €15.72 (about 13.51GBP / 18.74USD / 23.12CAD).

You can order it from our e-shop or you may be able to order it from our resellers soon.

How About the Rev1?

Zero2Go Omini Rev1 will be discontinued.

At the time being we still have some of them in stock, you can order them if you like micro USB connector more.

We are moving to the Netherlands!

Dear customers and friends, I am glad to let you know that we are moving to the Netherlands! This move has been planned for more than one year, and it is finally happening now. We will move to Elst, the Netherlands, which is a very beautiful Dutch town close to the Germany–Netherlands border. Physically moving to the new place takes longer than we expected. A lot of things were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we can not finish the move with just one step. We have to take July as transition period: during this period we may ship orders from either addresses (Netherlands or Czechia).

We corporate our Dutch company (Dun Cat B.V.) , which takes over our e-shop business since 1st July, 2021. We will continue using “UUGear” as a trade name of our Dutch company. This website has been fully remade and you will notice some obvious differences. Here I can list some:

  • We have a slightly revised logo on website
  • We use Euro currency (EUR)
  • We accept iDeal payment and bank transfer
  • We temporarily do not charge VAT

The reason that we do not charge VAT now, is that our Dutch company is new and it has not been registered as VAT payer yet. However this is temporary, and our Dutch company will be obligated to register VAT once the sales to EU countries reach 10,000 EUR threshold. Our estimation is the transition period will last 1-2 months, and our Dutch company will become VAT registered before the end of August. For non-business customers, it will be a bargain to purchase our products during the transition period because we don’t charge the VAT.

We have migrated the website accounts to new website, however the order history stays in the old site. If you want to access your order history before July 2021,  you can still login the old site to view them. The old website will be turned down after one year.

Last but not the least, we will continue making good products. We will announce some new products in the second half of the year, so please stay tuned.

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