Starting from the first generation of Witty Pi, a CR2032 Lithium battery (usually in IKEA brand) is included in Witty Pi’s package. This convention is changed now: Witty Pi (4) no longer come with a CR2032 battery, instead it comes with a 22AWG 30cm XH2.54 cable (the same as this one).

The reason for such a change, is the restrictions of Lithium battery from more and more carrier companies. Nowadays even a small Lithium battery like CR2032 in package can be considered “dangerous” and the whole package needs to be specially processed. Considering CR2032 battery is very easy to buy locally, we replace it with a 22AWG 30cm XH2.54 cable, which we believe is more useful to most of Witty Pi 4 users. You may use this cable to connect Witty Pi 4 to power supply up to 30V, and the DC/DC converter on Witty Pi 4 will provide 5V to power Raspberry Pi.

By the way, that CR2032 battery is also not necessary for Witty Pi 4 usage. In case of not putting any battery in the battery holder, the worse situation is the RTC loses the time when power supply is disconnected, and it can be fixed by synchronising the time with Internet again. If Witty Pi 4 connects to power supply all the time, which is suppose to be the case for normal usage, its RTC will not forget the time.

The unit price for Witty Pi 4 remain the same after such change. If you ordered Witty Pi 4 during the end of February, you may receive either the old or new package. Starting from March we are sure we only send out Witty Pi 4 with new package content.