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Welcome to become UUGear reseller! By being our reseller, you will be able to buy our products with considerable discount, and we will link your website on our Where to Buy page.

In our e-shop all prices are in EUR currency (with estimates for GBP/USD/CAD). We offers up to 40% discount of our products to resellers, even buying one unit of our product can have discount! All resellers receive the same prices, and the discount only depends on the product and the quantity (see figure on the right as example). The minimum amount of reseller order is 200 EUR (about 172GBP / 239USD / 294CAD).

The cost of shipping will be added to your order during the checkout. It is possible to arrange your own shipping, but we do not accept any liability for your order once it has been collected from us.

If you are interested in becoming our reseller, please fill in the form below, and we will have your account created as soon as possible. You will receive an email with necessary information to login as a reseller, and start to place order with discounted price.

* If you already have a non-reseller account on our website, you can contact us to convert it to a reseller account.

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