Install Witty Pi 3 software on Ubuntu

Origin Author: Carlos Aguado  (caaguado AT xcentra DOT com)

Witty Pi 3’s software is officially tested under Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS) only. However if you would like to run it on Ubuntu (like I do), you can get the information you need here.
Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS) and Ubuntu are different Linux distributions, but they are both based on Debian, so the difference is not that huge. With reasonable effort you can have Witty Pi 3’s software installed and run on Ubuntu. Here are the steps that need to be done:

Confirm that 1-Wire Interface is disabled:


Backup Ubuntu’s original important boot configuration files:

Check the original contents of the two main boot configuration files:

Manually reproduce the original Witty Pi 3’s scripted installation steps

Install wiringPi

Install Witty Pi 3

Reboot and Check if Everything is OK


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