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Make Your Zero2Go "Default ON"

Zero2Go is a cute power supply add-on for Raspberry Pi, and it allows you to power your Raspberry Pi with 5~26V DC power supply. It is a perfect add-on if your Raspberry Pi will be powered by various power supplies (Li-Po battery, solar panel, power bank, power adapter etc.).
Different than Witty Pi, Zero2Go doesn’t have the red jumper to enable the “Default ON” behavior. It means after connecting power supply to Zero2Go, it will not power Raspberry Pi immediately, and you will need to tap the button first to power on your Raspberry Pi. If you miss the “Default ON” behavior, and you are willing to make some hackings, here is what you can do:

  1. Desolder the capacitor C1 (see the figure below).
    Using a hot-air gun is recommended, or you need to be very skillful to desolder SMD capacitor with soldering iron.
  2. Rotate C1 counter-clock wise for 90 degrees, and solder it in the way shown in the figure below.

After making this modification, your Zero2Go will automatically turn on your Raspberry Pi when the power supply is connected. Enjoy it!
Remarks: We do not suggest to make this modification if you don’t have suitable equipment and related skills. You have to be very careful, or you might damage the board by your own hands!

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