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Make a Crazy 25-Port USB Hub

Have you ever tried a USB hub that has 25 ports? Combining multiple UUGear USB hubs can easily make this crazy idea comes true.
Each UUGear USB hub has one input (upstream) port and seven output (downstream) ports.  If you connect a hub’s input port to another hub’s output port, you make them cascaded, and they will have totally 13 output ports.  Say you cascade N USB hubs, you will get N*7-N+1 ports. So correctly connecting 4 UUGear USB hubs together can get 25 ports.
I bet you don’t want to see these cute PCBs overlap each other, and finally damage the components on board because of short circuit. We need to mount them correctly to avoid that kind of disaster.
24_port_ USB_HUB1
Here is the how-to:

  1. Put a USB hub above another, and use two cooper cylinders to mount them together.
  2. Repeat the first step for other USB hubs, you may need two nuts at the bottom of cooper cylinders.
  3. Use mini USB -> USB cable to connect one output port of a USB hub with the input port of next USB hub.
  4. Then use the same cable to connect Raspberry Pi with the input port of first USB hub.

24_port_ USB_HUB2
It turns out to be a really functional USB hub! But how many USB devices can it really work with? It really depends on the power supply. If you only use devices that draw very few current, and your power brick is capable enough, you can really make 25 devices working.
———————————————— Rumor Start ————————————————
Well, maybe it is not crazy enough.  In theory a USB bus can drive up to 128 device, so if you cascade 21 UUGear USB hubs, you will get a monster with 126 ports 😀
hub_monsterAs a kindly reminder, this huge hub is just Photoshop, so don’t take it serious 🙂
———————————————— Rumor End ————————————————

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