Dear customer, in light of the increasing costs associated with our business operations, including raw materials and other essential expenses, we find it necessary to make some adjustments to our product prices. Starting in 2024, most of our products will have a small price increasing (3.39%~5.56%). In the list below you can find the new price for our products. If a product is not listed, that means its price will not change.

RasPiKey 16GB €21.50
RasPiKey 32GB €29.50
Zero4U €8.30
Zero4U No Pogo €4.80
BIG7 €19.50
MEGA4 €29.00
Zero2Go Omini €19.00
Witty Pi 4 €28.50
Witty Pi 4 Mini €19.00
Witty Pi 4 L3V7 €24.00

These new price will start to take effect on 2024.01.01. If you place order before that date, you use the current pricing.

We value your trust and want to express our gratitude for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this price adjustment, our customer service team is here to assist you. We believe that, with your continued support, we can navigate these changes and continue to provide you with the excellent products and service you deserve.

The pricing for resellers/distributors will be adjusted accordingly, we will send email notifications about such change.