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[Closed] Forum Rules

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This forum is for discussing technical topics about UUGear products.

If you are a UUGear product user, here you may find technical help/support from UUGear staffs or friendly community members. There is however no guarantee that your question will be answered here.

Below are the rules for this forum:

  • Please search the forum first. There is chance that your question has been asked and answered already.
  • Please post in English, at least with English translation.
  • It is recommended to put the product name in your topic title, so everyone knows what your topic is about. Please do not append different question(s) in your topic (one topic, one main question).
  • UUGear staffs or community members may also post some useful information here to help other users on troubleshooting, even if nobody asks for such information.
  • Only technical topics can be posted here. Spam or irrelevant topics will be deleted.
  • Please provide enough technical information for others to look into. Logs, screenshots or even video will help. Do not compain "it doesn't work" here, because it provides no information at all.
  • Topic that has no new reply for long time (e.g. one week) might be marked as "solved" for managing purpose, even if the issue is not solved for real.
  • Please be kind to others and communicate in good manner. People who submits inappropriate content will get warning or ban.
  • Your post in this forum may or may not need moderation before showing up. It is decided by the system automatically, and we do not control it manually.


Here are some examples of irrelevant posts:

  • Where can I buy the product?
  • Can I return my board for a replacement?
  • Can I get refund?
  • Can you give me a discount?
  • Why my order is still not shipped?!
  • Why don't you answer my question?!
  • Don't tell me to read the user manual, I did!
  • Can you please answer my question?

Posts like these (and not limited to) will be removed immediately. Repeatly posting content like these will get a ban.

Posted : 18/04/2023 5:50 pm
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