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[Solved] Keeping USB Port Off During Raspberry Pi Reboot with MEGA4 Hub

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I recently purchased the MEGA4: 4-Port USB 3.1 PPPS Hub for my Raspberry Pi 4B. I have a specific requirement where I need one of the USB ports to remain off even during and after the Raspberry Pi reboots. Currently, when I turn off a port and reboot the Raspberry Pi, the port automatically turns back on. I'm looking for a solution that not only keeps the port off across reboots but also allows me to reactivate it manually or through a script.

Is there a way to configure the MEGA4 or Raspberry Pi to achieve this? I'm particularly interested in any scripts or commands that can control the power state of the USB ports programmatically. Any help or guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Posted : 14/01/2024 1:16 pm
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There is no such an option to keep specific USB port power off after reboot. However you may consider using an auto-run script that can turn off the port after the boot.

MEGA4's software is a wrapper of uhubctl, so you can call uhubctl command directly.

Posted : 15/01/2024 8:38 am
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