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[Solved / Archived] moswitch spot

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I use the moswitch in some cats to control power to sensors - a great device.  But I have q question on power up.  I understand that the ctrl line is internally held low so that on power OUT-A is selected ( blue LED).

I am trying to use the MOSWTCH as an input voltage circuit to my processor.  What I want is when power is first applied, OUT-A is automatically selected and will power the processor.    The Processor GPI to CTRL is low on power up.    If at any time the process needs to reset the whole board and power, then the processor will pull the GPIO line to cTRL to high.   The moswitch will then select OUT-B, thus removing power from the processor.   CTRL line will then go low, and the MOSWITCH will return power to OUT-A - thus turning the processor on again...

When no load is connected to OUT-A and GND, the MOSWITCH powers up and the blue LED is on.   But if a load is placed OUT-A - GND then on power up the red led comes on - power to OUT-B.    If I move the load to OUT-B and power up, the MOSwtich selects OUT-A.

Can you explain why this is please and how to alter this situation...

Posted : 01/02/2024 1:30 pm
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Are you trying to use the MCU to control its own power supply?

If you do this test without involving the MCU, whether you connect the load to OUT-A or not doesn't matter - blue LED is on when powered.

I assume the result you got is when using MCU as the load? If it is the case, that should be because the MCU's GPIO has uncertain state when newly powered, and that triggered MOSWITCH's switching.

Posted : 01/02/2024 4:37 pm
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