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[Solved] Taskbar Panel Icon vbat, vout & iout

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Hello there,

I wonder if anyone ever tried to create some kind of plugin for the raspberry task bar. Since the WittyPi software reads the voltages and current anyway, is it possible to show these values with a panel icon in the task bar? Would be great when using WittyPi4 with battery. 

Thank you for advice! 

Posted : 27/01/2024 6:20 pm
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Witty Pi's software read these values from the I2C registers, so it is definitely possible to implement a plugin as you mentioned. We have no plan to develop such a plugin though.

If you review the source code of Witty Pi's software, it is very easy to figure out how to get those values.

Posted : 29/01/2024 2:26 pm
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