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Watch battery/Not keeping time

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Has the watch battery usage been changed or removed? 

Recent units we have seem to not keep time (so when powered down, they come back on with a time that is hours or days out) - the watch batteries CR2032 is correctly installed and charged but doesnt seem to work.

I've seen in the manual it says these are removed now in - Since February 2023, the CR2032 battery is replaced by the 30 cm XH2.54 cable.

Can you clarify?


Posted : 18/09/2023 10:57 am
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The CR2032 battery is no longer included in Witty Pi 4 package, but the functionality to use this battery for off-power time keeping has not changed.

When Witty Pi 4 is not powered, and you have the CR2032 battery installed, you may use a multimeter to measure the voltage between pin 3V3 and GND in the unpopulated header P3, you should read about 2.8~2.9V (the voltage from battery after a diode). This voltage is to keep the RTC chip powered.

Posted : 18/09/2023 11:17 am