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[Solved / Archived] WittyPi 4 Mini L3V7 looses time

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I am using the WittyPi 4 Mini L3V7 connected to my Zero 2 W. The Power supply ist still connected beside a Li-accu connected. The RPi is scheduled to turn off in the evening and to turn one in the morning. This isn’t work properly because the RPi is loosing time.

When I checked status last time the RPi time was around 12 hours behind the real time.

Is there someone WHO may help me solving that issue?


Thx in advance!

Br, Michael 

Posted : 13/06/2024 12:10 am
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12 hours is too big to be an RTC drift, and the time must had been incorrectly set.

You may check the wittyPi.log file and try to find some clues. There you may check whether the schedule shutdown/startup was correctly set and whether the system time was still correct when making such schedule.

When starting a new test, you can run and choose option 3 in the menu to synchronize the time with Internet, to make sure your Pi and the RTC have the correct time.

Posted : 13/06/2024 8:43 am
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