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[Solved] Witty Pi 4: if tapping the button can not shutdown Raspberry Pi

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If tapping on Witty Pi's button can turn on Raspberry Pi, and later tapping on the button can not shutdown Raspberry Pi, then the problem most probably is the gets stuck.

If you go to wittypi directory and run "sudo ./", you may see some error messages in the console.

There is rather big chance that those error messages are complaining the lack of Python 3, or RPI.GPIO for Python 3. If it is the case, you may run these commands and hopefully the problem will be solved:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install python3

sudo apt install python3-rpi.gpio

By default, Python 3 and RPI.GPIO for Python 3 are included in Raspberry Pi OS distribution. So a newly installed Raspberry Pi OS should not have such issue.

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Posted : 24/04/2023 5:34 pm