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Warehouse movement and free shipping for Czech customers

Today we are glad to announce that our warehouse is now moved to Prague, Czech Republic!
The reason that we move our warehouse from Hong Kong to Prague is because some European countries charge custom tax when the shipping starts from outside of Europe. After moving the warehouse, all customers in European Union do not need to pay the custom fee. We will use Czech Post to ship parcels, which is still fast in Europe and is much cheaper. Thanks for that, now we only charge for 100 CZK (about 5 USD) flat rate for worldwide shipping!
What’s more, we also start to offer free shipping to customers in Czech Republic! If you shipping address is within Czech Republic, you will see the free shipping option during the checkout. Enjoy it!

We just launched the "Smart Case" project

Our 7-Port USB Hub has the same PCB size than Raspberry Pi, so it can be easily mounted over or under the Pi. If you have a case for Raspberry Pi that can have its top cover removed, you can put the hub and the Pi together into the case:
Hub_In_CaseIt can help in some cases, but the hub is not well protected yet. Many customers suggested us to design a suitable case to hold both the Pi and the hub, so we launched this project.
This project includes some children projects, as we are actually designing different types of cases. The first sub-project that could be demonstrated is this one, which opens its design and is free for download and print with 3D printer.
There are other sibling projects on going and you will see the news very soon.

7-Port USB Hub for Raspberry Pi is in Stock again

After more than 3 weeks waiting, we finally have the second batch of USB Hub for Raspberry Pi in stock. Now it is immediately buyable in the store. We are sorry for letting you wait, and thanks for the patience.

UUGear 7-Port USB hub for Raspberry Pi

UUGear 7-Port USB hub for Raspberry Pi 7-Port USB hub for Raspberry Pi

7-port USB hub for Raspberry Pi is temporarily sold out

The first batch of 7-port USB hub for Raspberry Pi has been sold out after 25 days since its official launch on 26th March. The stock is exhausted much faster than our estimation and our second batch is still under producing, so we have to mark the product “out of stock” for now. We are sorry for the break, and we will try our best to replenish our stock as soon as possible.
package_contentCustomers who have already placed their orders on our website will not get affected, and their hubs will be shipped as expected.

UUGear Store Opens Now!

Dear visitors, we are so glad to announce that UUGear store is now launched!
I know many of your are waiting for our launch because of this wonderful 7-port USB hub for Raspberry Pi, and it is finally buyable now:


You may also be interested in other products in our store. Currently we could accept payments via credit card, PayPal, Skrill and wire transfer. If you have question about product, payment or anything else, please feel free to contact us.
In order to thank you for being our first batch of customers, we released a 10% discount coupon: uugear-launch-2014. You can use this coupon during the checkout to get 10% discount of your whole order. Please notice that you can only use it before 29th March. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

UUGear Store will open on March 26

Yesterday we worked on the testing of the first batch of UUGear USB hub, and everything seems OK. Now we have idea how fast we can go and can accurately estimate the date for launch. So we finally confirm that, UUGear store will open on 26th March!
We have waited for the day so long, and we are so excited that our business can finally start. We are thinking of a way to appreciate our first batch of customers, and precise news is coming soon!

Finally Get the First Batch of USB Hub


We hadn’t released any news for quite a while, and today we have a very good one: the first batch of USB hubs finally arrived 🙂
It should have been there about one month ago. The reason for the delay is because we were not fully satisfied with the soldering quality and we insisted a full rework. Being picky is quite expensive, we definitely know that losing time means losing money. However we won’t take it as a lesson, instead we will keep working like that since we believe being picky on quality control will get great rewards in the future.

We still need some time to test the hubs (yes we test EVERY hub we have), so we could not immediately open our store yet. But with the hubs in store, we are quite confident that we could make the official launch in next week. The official announcement is coming soon!

USB Hub Design Finalized

After 3 iterations, we finally freeze the design of our first product: 7-port USB hub for Raspberry Pi.  The first batch of the PCB is under produced.
Due to the Christmas and New Year, the producing will be slow and even be postponed for some days.   We are expecting to deliver the first batch on February 2014.

Prototype of First UUGear Product

We will design and develop a lot of wonderful electronic products and accessories, and the first one in our blueprint is the USB hub for Raspberry Pi.
We are big fans of Raspberry Pi, and we do think Raspberry Pi needs such a USB hub to get better.  We designed a 7-port USB hub, which has exactly the same size with Raspberry Pi, and it could be mounted above/below Raspberry with two cooper cylinders.
The development of this USB hub has begun for a while, and today we received the first prototype of this USB hub.
We will test it extremely, and do our best to improve the design.  Hopefully we will see the final version at the beginning of year 2014.

UUGear Website is Born!

We are happy to announce that, today the UUGear website is born!
There are still a lot of work to do before the website to be really functional.  We got detailed planning and have everything in the pipeline, and we look forward to an exciting 2014!