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New Product: MEGA4 – USB 3.1 PPPS Hub for Raspberry Pi 4!

Dear visitors, today we are proudly announcing a brand new product: MEGA4! This is a USB 3.1 hub designed for Raspberry Pi 4B, and it supports PPPS (per-port power switching)! It adds 4 more USB 3.1 ports to your Raspberry Pi 4B, and the power on each port can be turned ON or OFF separately via software.


MEGA4 is also fully supported by UWI (UUGear Web Interface), so you can use your web browser to monitor and control your MEGA4 device(s).


MEGA4 on the Phone


The advantage of being able to control power for each port is that you can turn OFF specify USB device(s) when they are not needed, to save energy. Also it is possible to fully reset a USB device by doing a full power cycle when it doesn’t function well after a long run. All these turning OFF/ON operations can be done remotely (either via SSH section or via UWI).

MEGA4 has the same board size with Raspberry Pi 4B and can be mounted underneath. It can also be daisy-chained like other USB hubs. The picture below shows an example to stack 3 MEGA4 devices together and that Raspberry Pi 4B eventually has 11 USB 3.1 ports.

You can find more information about MEGA4 on MEGA4 product page, or in MEGA4 user manual.

Price and Where to Buy?

MEGA4’s retail price is 28.00 EUR (about 24.06GBP / 33.38USD / 41.19CAD).

You can order it from our e-shop or you may be able to order it from our resellers soon.

Zero2Go Omini Rev2 is Here!

Zero2Go Omini Rev2 is released today! This is the second revision of Zero2Go Omini and it looks very similar with the first revision. Because the connectors, switch and LED are at the same locations, the new revision and old revision are almost physically interchangeable (except the USB type C connector).

Zero2Go Omini Rev1 and Rev2

What’s New?

One obvious change is that Zero2Go Omini Rev2 uses USB type C connector instead of micro USB connector. USB type C connector is easier for connection and can bear higher current.

You may also notice that newer revision has an unpopulated 3-pin header on the left ledge of the board. It is the VIN-GND-VOUT header which allows you to:

  • Add additional channel(s) to the board (using VIN and GND)
    Additional channel
  • Using Zero2Go Omini to control other devices (using VOUT and GND), for example a 5V relay.

More details about this VIN-GND-VOUT header can be found in the user manual.

The new revision uses the same firmware and software like the old revision.

Price and Where to Buy?

Zero2Go Omini Rev2 has the same price as the first revision, which is €15.72 (about 13.51GBP / 18.74USD / 23.12CAD).

You can order it from our e-shop or you may be able to order it from our resellers soon.

How About the Rev1?

Zero2Go Omini Rev1 will be discontinued.

At the time being we still have some of them in stock, you can order them if you like micro USB connector more.

We are moving to the Netherlands!

Dear customers and friends, I am glad to let you know that we are moving to the Netherlands! This move has been planned for more than one year, and it is finally happening now. We will move to Elst, the Netherlands, which is a very beautiful Dutch town close to the Germany–Netherlands border. Physically moving to the new place takes longer than we expected. A lot of things were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we can not finish the move with just one step. We have to take July as transition period: during this period we may ship orders from either addresses (Netherlands or Czechia).

We corporate our Dutch company (Dun Cat B.V.) , which takes over our e-shop business since 1st July, 2021. We will continue using “UUGear” as a trade name of our Dutch company. This website has been fully remade and you will notice some obvious differences. Here I can list some:

  • We have a slightly revised logo on website
  • We use Euro currency (EUR)
  • We accept iDeal payment and bank transfer
  • We temporarily do not charge VAT

The reason that we do not charge VAT now, is that our Dutch company is new and it has not been registered as VAT payer yet. However this is temporary, and our Dutch company will be obligated to register VAT once the sales to EU countries reach 10,000 EUR threshold. Our estimation is the transition period will last 1-2 months, and our Dutch company will become VAT registered before the end of August. For non-business customers, it will be a bargain to purchase our products during the transition period because we don’t charge the VAT.

We have migrated the website accounts to new website, however the order history stays in the old site. If you want to access your order history before July 2021,  you can still login the old site to view them. The old website will be turned down after one year.

Last but not the least, we will continue making good products. We will announce some new products in the second half of the year, so please stay tuned.

New Revision of Witty Pi 3!

Today we are proud to announce Witty Pi 3 Rev2: a new revision of Witty Pi 3. This new revision changes the 5V input connecter from micro USB to USB type C, and replaces the onboard linear regulator (LM29150) with switching DC/DC converter (MP4462). These changes give Witty Pi 3 much better ability to output higher current, and also practically widen the range of input voltage.

What’s New?

The appearance of Witty Pi 3 Rev2 is very similar to the first revision (please see the picture below). The locations of headers and switch remain the same, that means the new revision and old revision are physically interchangeable (except that you need to use type C plug instead of micro USB plug, if you want to give it 5V).

To type C connector and the new DC/DC converter is at up-right corner of the board. The table below compares the two revisions with detailed parameters.

Because the first revision uses linear regulator (LM29150), its efficiency drops very quick when the input voltage increase. That means using it on 12V or 24V system is not practical: even if the regulator can work with extra heat sink, the efficiency will be so poor and that ruins the advantage of using Witty Pi, which is saving energy in most cases. Now the new revision comes with a decent switching DC/DC converter, which can work up to DC 28V without adding extra heat sink, and still keeps the efficiency above 80%, that is indeed a comprehensive improvement.

Firmware and Software Update

Witty Pi 3 Rev2 comes with newer version of firmware (V1.03, with ID=0x23). This firmware allows setting the power cut delay to a bigger value (up to 25.0 seconds). The purpose for this update is to workaround the boot delay caused by USB boot or NOOBS. More details can be found in its user manual.
The software is also updated to V3.12, to allow users to actually set a longer power cut delay. Also the we made some improvements on Internet time synchronisation, to avoid writing incorrect time into system, when the network is not stable.
UUGear Web Interface (UWI) is also updated to V1.01, to support the new revision of Witty Pi 3. When you install the new software, it will install the latest UWI for you (given you don’t have “uwi” folder in your home directory).
Please notice the firmware and software update are not dedicated for Witty Pi 3 Rev2. Witty Pi 3 (Rev1) and Witty Pi 3 Mini can also use the new firmware and software. However you will need to upgrade the firmware by yourself.

Price and Where to Buy?

Witty Pi 3 Rev2’s retail price is 570 CZK (about 22.01EUR  /  19.30GBP  /  26.40USD).
You can order it from our e-shop or you may be able to order it from our resellers soon.

New Variety: 32GB RasPiKey eMMC Module for Raspberry Pi

Since we released RasPiKey, we received a lot of inquires about variety with bigger storage capacity. Now the 32GB RasPiKey is finally here!

What’s New?

Not much really, only the storage capacity is doubled comparing to the 16GB variety. The 32GB variety has the same read/write performance, because it uses the eMMC chip from the same family (16GB RasPiKey uses Samsung KLMAG1JETD-B041 while 32GB RasPiKey uses KLMBG2JETD-B041).
Besides checking the marks on the chip, you can also tell which one is 32GB from its packaging. The 32GB RasPiKey comes with a blue lanyard (16GB has black one) and it has “32GB” printed on the label on its antistatic bag.

Bootloader and OS Version

Raspberry Pi 3B+ or earlier models of Raspberry Pi all supports RasPiKey directly.
Newly produced Raspberry Pi 4B has rather new bootloader, which can directly recognise RasPiKey. However if your Raspberry Pi 4B is from older batch, you may need to upgrade bootloader. Both 16GB and 32GB RasPiKey has necessary files to upgrade bootloader for your Raspberry Pi 4B.
Since today (2020.1.7), all our RasPiKey have files that allow you to upgrade boot loader to version “c305221a6d7e532693cc7ff57fddfc8649def167” (released on 3rd September 2020).
Since today (2020.1.7), all our RasPiKey have flashed Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS) disk image released on 2nd December 2020.
You can of course install different version of OS into RasPiKey, just like you did on a normal SD card. Please don’t forget to backup those handy applications for WiFi and SSH settings, if you want to use them after installing new OS.

Price and Where to Buy?

32GB RasPiKey’s retail price is 720 CZK (about 27.54EUR / 24.96GBP / 33.98USD ).
You can order it from our e-shop or you may be able to order it from our resellers soon.


Updated on 2022.06.20:

Since today (2022.06.20), all our RasPiKey have flashed Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS) disk image released on 4th April 2022 (2022-04-04-raspios-bullseye-armhf.img).

UUGear Web Interface (UWI): Access Your Devices via Browser

We previously developed a QT based GUI for Witty Pi 2. It works, but the feedbacks from our customers were not that good: that GUI is quite slow and it is not responsive when running on Raspberry Pi Zero (W). For this reason, we deprecated this GUI when Witty Pi 3 was released and we continued looking for a better way to provide visual and interactive interface for UUGear devices.
Now we have it! The UUGear Web Interface (UWI) is a very lightweight web server that allows you to access your Raspberry Pi and UUGear devices in web browser. It only uses very limited system resource (about 2~6% CPU usage) and even Raspberry Pi Zero (W) can run it very well.
You don’t actually need a UUGear hardware to use UWI. After installing UWI and visit http://raspberrypi:8000, you can find this “Raspberry Pi (GPIO)” device listed, and you can use it to control the GPIO pins on your Raspberry Pi.

If you are Witty Pi 3 (Mini) or Zero2Go Omini user, you can use UWI to access your devices too. Anything that you can previously do via the interactive BASH script, now you can do it with UUGear Web Interface.

How to install

You can install UWI with this single command line:

curl | sudo bash

Alternatively, you can download the install script and run it.

sudo sh

If you install software for Witty Pi 3 (Mini) or Zero2Go Omini, their install script will also install UWI for you.
After installation, you will need to reboot your Raspberry Pi (so the UWI server will run automatically), and then you can access your devices via http://raspberrypi:8000/
You can access your devices from your PC, tablet, smartphone etc..
UUGear Web Interface
The source code of UWI is also available on GitHub:

Witty Pi 3 Mini: the New Witty Pi Mini is Here!

Witty Pi 3 Mini is the “Mini” version of Witty Pi 3, and it is also the direct descendant of Witty Pi Mini. Witty Pi 3 Mini has almost the same design with Witty Pi 3, but it is smaller (pHAT shape) and it doesn’t populate the LDO voltage regulator (LM29150).  Users who want to directly connect Witty Pi 3 Mini to higher voltage can solder the LDO on the back of board, or connect an external DC/DC converter to it.

Like the old version of Witty Pi Mini, Witty Pi 3 Mini uses a 0.08F super capacitor for off-power time keeping, and the RTC (DS3231) will remember the time for about 17 hours without external power supply connected.
Witty Pi 3 Mini can be mounted on Raspberry Pi Zero (W) and still keep the whole device small and thin.

Witty Pi 3 Mini can also be mounted on full-sized Raspberry Pi, with the help of stacking header (not included in the package).

Price and Where to Buy?

Witty Pi 3 Mini’s retail price is 400 CZK (about 15.89EUR / 13.60GBP / 17.68USD).
You can order it from our e-shop or you may be able to order it from our resellers soon.

New Product MOSWITCH-SPDT and Black Friday 20% Off

Ladies and gentlemen, today we have two good news to announce :0)


MOSWITCH-SPDT is a single pole double throw (SPDT) switch implemented with MOSFETs, and it has very small footprint (2cm x 2cm).

It works like a relay, but it is quiet, has higher switching speed and longer life cycle.

The control signal and the main power rails is isolated by an optical coupler on the board. It is very easy and safe to use low voltage signal (e.g. 3.3V or 5V) to control higher voltage (up to 28V) and higher current (up to 9A for resistive load) circuit.

Retail price is 120 CZK (about 4.70 EUR / 4.05GBP / 5.20USD). Now you can find it in our e-shop.
Like other products in our e-shop, you can get 20% discount during the Black Friday event (from 29th November to 3rd December).

Black Friday 5 Days Event

From 2019.11.29 0:00 CET to 2019.12.03 23:59 CET, you can use coupon code blackfriday2019 to apply 20% discount to your cart. Enjoy shopping!

This coupon could be used by normal customer accounts (including newly registered account). However reseller account could not use it.

New Product: RasPiKey eMMC Module for Raspberry Pi

Our new product RasPiKey is released today!

RasPiKey is a 16GB eMMC module designed for Raspberry Pi. It can be inserted into the micro SD card slot on Raspberry Pi and work as a faster (especially 4k read/write) and more endurable SD card.

On Raspberry Pi 3B+, RasPiKey shows much better performance than SD cards (using the benchmark introduced in Jeff Geerling’s blog):

Benchmarks on Raspberry Pi 3B+

Benchmarks on Raspberry Pi 3B+

RasPiKey can also be used on Raspberry Pi 4B, however you will need to update your Pi4’s bootloader first. At the time being, RasPiKey gets limited support by Raspberry Pi 4B and doesn’t get speed boost like those good SD cards, its performance on 4B is not that outstanding, however it still has better 4k read/write speed than SD cards.
Updated on 2020.12: Now with the latest official firmware, Raspberry Pi 4B supports DDR52 timing mode, which boosts the performance of RasPiKey, and make RasPiKey faster than SD cards on Raspberry Pi 4B.

Plug and Play

RasPiKey has Raspbian preinstalled, and also provides some tools to make setting Wi-Fi connection and enabling SSH login much easier. It is possible that you insert RasPiKey into your new Raspberry Pi, power it on and then use it via SSH session on your computer. You can enjoy your Raspberry Pi without having another set of display, keyboard and mouse.

Price and Where to Buy?

RasPiKey’s retail price is 520 CZK (about 20.37EUR / 17.53GBP / 22.55USD).
You can order it from our e-shop or you may be able to order it from our resellers soon.

We Now Have Witty Pi 3!

Today we proudly announce our new product: Witty Pi 3, which is the direct descendant of Witty Pi 2, and has more exciting features.

Also, Witty Pi 3 supports the newly released Raspberry Pi 4!


What’s New?

Witty Pi 3 finally has its own brain: a micro controller (ATtiny841). Thanks to this micro controller, Witty Pi 3 behave much smarter and can detect and process much more complex situation. The firmware for ATtiny84 is developed with Arduino IDE, and is open-source (will be available on GitHub soon). If you don’t mind losing warranty, it is possible to modify Witty Pi 3’s firmware and change its behavior as you wish.

Witty Pi 3 also added an LDO voltage regulator (LM29150) on board, which allows you to power Witty Pi with higher voltage. Now you can directly use 6V or 7.4V battery to power Witty Pi 3 + Raspberry Pi. The 5V micro USB connector is still there, and you can power Witty Pi 3 directly with 5v too.

Besides all those that can be done with Witty Pi 2,  Witty Pi 3 also monitor the input voltage and output current. You can tell Witty Pi 3 to gracefully shutdown your Raspberry Pi when input voltage is lower than certain value; you can also let Witty Pi 3 to wake up your Raspberry Pi when input voltage increase to certain value. All these setting can be done via I2C interface, and Witty Pi 3’s software already takes care of the hard work. You can make a lot of configurations via the software. The software installation is as simple as before, just run two commands:

sudo sh

Price and Where to Buy?

Witty Pi 3’s retail price is 530 CZK (about 20.82EUR  /  18.66GBP  /  23.57USD).
You can buy it directly from our e-shop or you may be able to buy it from our resellers soon.

Can I still get Witty Pi 2?

Yes, but it will be less convenient. Witty Pi 2 is now officially retired and will only be produced on request. We suggest all new customers to choose Witty Pi 3, which has more features and can do anything that Witty Pi 2 can do. I your product is using Witty Pi 2 already, and you don’t want to switch to Witty Pi 3, you can request us to produce some Witty Pi 2 boards for your project.

Join Waitlist We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Please leave your valid email address below.