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[Solved] Using boost converter with Witty Pi 4 mini

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Hi, I'd like to use a boost converter to connect a 3.7v Lithium battery to the Witty Pi 4 mini which is then used to power-manage a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W.  How would I adapt the instructions in the article below for an energy efficient configuration?

(This article is for the Witty Pi mini, but the 4 mini has a different layout.)



Posted : 20/03/2024 5:13 am
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@tulas The tutorial you referred is rather old, we later designed a product named Witty Pi 4 L3V7, which serves the same purpose, and it can even charge your battery.

Posted : 20/03/2024 8:14 am
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@uugear, thanks for the reply. I have the L3v7 (and it works well)  but  I also have a couple of 4 mini's which I wanted to use with a Li-Ion battery. I guess I could do battery->boost converter->witty  but was concerned about the sleep current usage of the converter.

Posted : 20/03/2024 6:10 pm
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