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Witty Pi 3 Mini: Realtime Clock and Power Management for Raspberry Pi


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Witty Pi 3 Mini adds RTC (DS3231SN) and power management to your Raspberry Pi, and can define complex ON/OFF sequence with simple script.

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Witty Pi is small electronic circuit board that can add realtime clock and power management to your Raspberry Pi. Witty Pi 3 Mini is a new member of the third generation of Witty Pi, and it has pHAT shape (Raspberry Pi Zero size).

After installing Witty Pi 3 Mini on your Raspberry Pi, you get some amazing new features:

  • You can gracefully turn on/off Raspberry Pi with single tap on the switch.
  • After shutdown, Raspberry Pi and all its USB peripherals’ power are fully cut.
  • Raspberry Pi knows the correct time, even without accessing the Internet.
  • Raspberry Pi knows the temperature thanks to the sensor in RTC chip.
  • You can schedule the startup/shutdown of your Raspberry Pi.
  • You can even write a script to define complex ON/OFF sequence.
  • Monitor external voltage and turn on/off your Raspberry Pi accordingly.

Witty Pi 3 Mini supports all Raspberry Pi models that has the 40-pin GPIO header, including A+, B+, 2B, Zero, Zero W, Zero 2W, 3B, 3B+, 3A+ and 4B.

Witty Pi 3 Mini uses the same software with Witty Pi 3. You just need to run these two commands in your Raspberry Pi to install the software:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ wget

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo sh

Comparing to Witty Pi 3, Witty Pi 3 Mini uses the same RTC chip (DS3231SN) and same micro-controller (ATtiny841). The main difference is the LDO voltage regulator (LM29150) is not populated on Witty Pi 3 Mini. This reduces the cost for those who don’t need this LDO, and also make things easier to integrate a different DC/DC module into Witty Pi 3 Mini.

Unlike Witty Pi 3 uses a 3V button battery for off-power time keeping, Witty Pi 3 Mini uses a super capacitor (0.08F, or 80000uF) for this purpose.

You can find more information in its user manual:

Package Content:

Each Witty Pi 3 Mini package contains:

  • Witty Pi 3 Mini board x 1
  • M2.5 x 10mm plastic screw x 4
  • 4mm spacer x 4
  • M2.5 plastic nut x 4



65mm x 30mm x 4mm


8g (net weight)

Micro Controller


Realtime Clock

DS3231SN (datasheet)

LED Indicator

Red LED: lights up when Raspberry Pi gets powered.

White LED: lights up for a few seconds when a shutdown command is received, or blinks when device is standing by.


20×2 surface-mounted header with 2.54 mm pitch and 2mm plastic height.

Micro USB female connector as 5V DC input.

Unpopulated 7-pin header for extension or integration.

Unpopulated 3-pin header/connector for VIN, GND and 5V.

Time Keeping

Using 0.08F super capacitor as time keeping power source. Allows about 17 hours off-power time keeping.

Power In

DC 5V (via micro USB). Possible to connect external DC/DC converter (not included) and also have VIN monitored.

Output Current

Up to 2.5A for Raspberry Pi and its peripherals. If using external DC/DC converter, the output current is also limited by the capability of DC/DC converter.

Standby Current

~ 1mA

Operating Temperature

-30~80 (-22F~176F)

Storage Temperature

-40~85 (-40F~185F)


0~80%RH, no condensing


Firmware and Software

Witty Pi 3 Mini uses the same firmware and software with Witty Pi 3.

The source code of firmware and software can be found on Github:


Schedule Script Generator

You can now use our web app to create and debug the schedule script for Witty Pi.


Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 3 × 0.6 cm


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